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Women Motorcycling

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Why Enfield Riders?

  • Assist the motorcycling community and the public at large.
  • Encourage further developments within the motorcycle industry.
  • Make available information on safe riding techniques.
  • Encourage participation in motorcycle safety courses.
  • Enhance the sheer enjoyment of motorcycling
  • Encourage women by showing them they have limitless potential.

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You live more in five minutes on a motorcycle then you do in your entire life!!!

Women have been riding motorcycle for a long time in foreign countries. Some of them have also turned into motorcycling legends. I remember seeing the movie, 'Why We Ride', A mother who is a biker and her two daughters who eventually turned into bikers, who participated in Bonneville and also set up a land speed record.

A friend of ours was touring in the Alps of Switzerland where two super bikes zoomed pass him. He met them after a few kilometers where they stopped for breakfast to realize both of them were young girls.

In India girls are tied down to mopeds when it comes to riding two wheeler. So much so that there is a Two wheeler company that runs a campaign around the tag line ‘Why Should Boys Have All The Fun?’ May be a girl riding a motorcycle is still considered to be a big deal. When we saw the bleak number of women motorcyclists taking our Ladakh tours we were very disappointed knowing that we were a part of a system which was biased. Journey on an Enfield is that of Empowerment and Freedom and majority of the women were marooned of it.

We realized that this gender difference has to be completely eradicated from the system and especially in the motorcycling community. Isn’t it all about the passion of riding? Age, sex, caste creed and color shouldn't matter. Motorcycling is a way of life for most of us. How about sharing the same passion with the women in our lives?

To promote women riding motorcycle, we at Enfield Riders have come up with Coaching classes for ladies who wish to experience life on two wheels. The class will be conducted over 10 sessions where our instructor would teach not only how to ride a motorcycle but also technical aspects of the engine and how mental balance is critical while riding motorcycle on the highway and ghats. To end the classes, the instructor would judge them with one highway session.

The whole coaching will include a Royal Enfield 500cc motorcycle with fuel throughout the 10 sessions and a personal experience instructor. You can either book your personal sessions or come in a group to avail great discounts.

Learn riding an Enfield from our expert and hit the road towards freedom.


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