• Ladakh, India

Location: Jammu & Kashmir, India

Best Season: March to November

Min -40°c

Max 25°c

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Sometimes known as ‘Little Tibet’, Ladakh is an ancient kingdom in north-west India, In the furthest far flung corner of northern India, in Ladakh near the Indus Valley, lies the town of Leh at 3,505 meters (11,500 feet) above sea level. This remote place has become a popular tourist destination since Ladakh was opened to foreigners in 1974. It's the most beautiful and most common entry point to the Ladakh region. Bounded by two of the world's largest mountain ranges and surrounded by alpine desert, Leh's dry barren landscape full of historic Buddhist monasteries makes it an incredible sight to behold. 

bordering Pakistan and the Tibet Autonomous Region. Ladakh has two administrative Districts: Leh  and Kargil. The Leh Valley lies at an altitude of about 3,500m and the surrounding mountains rise to over 6,000m. The area is remote: the main road linking Ladakh with the rest of India is cut off by snow for 6 months or more each year. This is a high-altitude desert environment where water is precious. Agriculture and human settlements depend on water from snow melt, which flows towards the Indus River.  Traditionally, most Ladakhis were subsistence farmers growing mainly barley and vegetables, or they were nomads tending goats and yaks. The opening of a road in the 1960s linking Ladakh with the plains brought large numbers of army personnel and the spread of the Indian civil administration. 

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